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Have you noticed that baby’s skin is different from an adult?

Have you noticed that baby’s skin is different from an adult?

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05 / 11 / 2020


It is softer and much more delicate. Unfortunately, therefore more susceptible to irritation and allergies.
Not all washing liquids or cosmetics that we love are good for our baby’s skin. That’s why it is so important to cover it with delicacy and softness using products specially designed for our little ones.
Teo Bebe liquid detergents, laundry capsules and softeners are an example of products that were created to care for babies’ skin. Thanks to the hypoallergenic ingredients, they can be used from the first days of life.

However, the most important thing is the opinion of Mums, so read what Karolina, Amelia and Angelika write about Teo Bebe products.


First impressions

After the first use, I was mainly delighted with the delicate smell, but also with the fact that most of the stains on my clothes had disappeared. After drying, the laundry was soft and nice, which is very important to me. – writes Karolina, who runs an Instagram account @nieidealni_pl


After using the Teo Bebe products, the baby’s skin remained non-irritated despite its delicacy. – she adds.

Teo Bebe is great for washing clothes, even those stained with carrots. – says Amelia (@amcialol on Instagram)


Angelika (@aange_lique) adds: after using Teo Bebe products, the child’s skin is delicate and is not irritated, there are no allergic reactions on a skin.



What does Teo Bebe smell like?

Fresh, but not the typical smell of a baby liquid. It is very delicate and really beautiful! You could say it’s the smell of the wind, the smell of nature. – writes Karolina.

Teo Bebe smells like a baby! – adds Amelia. My favorite fragrance is lavender, it is delicate and I associate it with freshness.

All the aromas in Teo Bebe liquids are hypoallergenic, do not irritate the baby’s skin and smell delicately.


Why would you recommend Teo Bebe to other mums?

They are very efficient, have a great composition, are hypoallergenic and effective. They work well from the first days of the baby. I can recommend them with a clear conscience. – Angelika.

They do not irritate the sensitive and delicate skin of a child, give the clothes freshness, and their beautiful scent stays on clothes for a long time. Thanks to Teo Bebe liquids, clothes are soft and pleasant to the touch, and these products can be used for washing clothes of the whole family. – Karolina.

Teo Bebe liquids are hypoallergenic, smell beautiful and have a good price! – Amelia says.

Teo Bebe liquid detergents, laundry capsules and softeners are recommended by pediatricians as safe detergents for children’s clothes.

You can buy them in the store.

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