How to enjoy bath time

The bath time could be a real challenge especially if your baby does not approve your intention of making him/her wet. Some babies fear the sound of running water and the delicate moment of soaping and washing. To make it more pleasurable, get ready ahead – warm the bathroom, fill the bath tub with pleasantly warm water, prepare all you need to wash the baby (shampoo, soap, sponge, towel) and do not forget the toys! Before getting the little one in the bath tub, spend some time cuddling and talking about the bath and how you will enjoy the time together. If the baby is scared of the water try introducing it slowly by wetting first the legs and arms, and later the whole body. You can also try singing as the baby loves mommy’s voice and will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Baby relaxing massage

There are lots of reasons why the massage is important for the little ones. Studies show that massaging your baby helps for better sleep and improves its overall health condition. The touch of mom’s loving hands can help the baby overcome the feeling of vulnerability and build confidence and trust between them. The best time for a relaxing massage is after warm bath and before going to sleep. To enjoy it, the baby should not be too tired or hungry. Start with gentle caress to let the baby get used to the movements of your hands. Go slowly from the back to the legs and arms. Do not forget the neck and the little fingers. If the baby suffers from colic you can try relieving the pain with circular clockwise moves around the tummy.

Taking care of baby cloths

It is impressive the mess a little baby can make on its cloths when deciding to take the lead during lunch time. And since the cloths are in close contact with baby’s sensitive skin, it is important to carefully select the detergent who helps you deal with that mess and respects the tender baby skin. Teo Bebe is tough on the stains and soft to the skin. There are few simple rules to follow for clean and soft baby cloths:

  • Always separate white from dark colors
  • Respect the recommended temperature on the labels
  • Wash baby cloths separate from your own
  • If you use diapers for multiple uses, wash them separately
  • If you are dealing with very tough stains pour detergent directly on the stains and leave it for several minutes
  • If you wish to add additional softness, use Teo Bebe softener

Interesting facts about babies

Most babies are born with blue eyes.

Babies are nearsighted.

They notice objects that are within 18- 22 cm away.

Normally babies double their birth weight in 5 months.

Babies breathe 40 times per minute, while adults only 12 to 20 times.

Newborns cry without tear, first teardrops comes at the age 1 to 3 months.

Every second the world welcomes 4 babies.

Babies recognize mom’s voice at birth.

Touch is one of your baby’s most advanced senses at birth.

Babies are born with 64 bones more than the adults.